Buying A Home

Tips For When Buying a House. Before you buy your next home, there are many things you should think about so that you can be as prepared as possible. Being prepared can help you save time and money.
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3 Criteria for Selecting the Right Professionals

A real estate transaction can be stressful enough. So when it comes to choosing professionals to help you – before, during and after the transaction – be selective! Here are three important factors to consider when making your choices.

The Advantage of Getting Pre-Approved

Will Your Furniture Fit?

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Should You Accept A “Conditional” Offer?

Should You Accept A “Conditional” Offer?

Consider Buying a Home With Some “Undesirable” Features

After last month's huge drop, existing-home sales managed to recover and pick back up While this increase is good, there are still several rough patches mentioned in the National Association of Realtors' report.

Beware of a Conflict of Interest

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Putting a Price on Lifestyle

After all, unless you're a professional real estate investor, you're not just buying a house - you're buying a home.

Buying Your First Home in Canada

Buying Your First Home in Canada