Earth Day activities

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the earth with handwritten words on it, and an inscription that reads'and so she went to change the world '
Change The World Digital Download Image World Sublimation PNG World Change Digital Download PNG Hand Lettered Globe Image
happy birthday day coloring page with flowers and butterflies in the grass, black and white
12 FREE Earth Day Colouring Pages for Kids
the earth day printable cutout is shown with scissors, paper and glue to make it
Earth Day Activity with Fantastic Free Earth Day Cootie Catcher
Your kids will have a blast with this free printable Earth Day Cootie Catcher. It has cool prompts that get kids thinking about ways to take care of our planet & more. Great hands-on activity & conversation starter!
homemade earth day salt dough necklaces with text overlay
How to Make an Earth Day Necklace with Salt Dough
Learn how to make an Earth Day necklace from this simple salt dough recipe. A fun Earth Day craft for kids of all ages. #earthdayclassroomactivity #earthdaycraft #earthdayforkids #saltdoughrecipe #saltdoughnecklace #saltdoughjewelry
the worksheet for counting and graphing numbers to 10 with pictures on it
EARTH DAY Count and Graph - All About Planet Earth for Kindergarten and First Grade Activities
three bowls filled with rocks and pebbles on top of a table next to each other
Earth Day Centers and Activities (FREE Earth Day Vocab Posters) - Pocket of Preschool
the free printable recycling game for kids
Recycling Sorting Game