Mother's Day crafts

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someone is painting flowers on paper with white paint and purple felt, while another hand holds a crochet hook
Q-Tip Flower Painting
Paint with cotton swabs to create a beautiful q-tip flower painting! Kids will love making q-tip art, and these easy flower paintings are such a fun craft for spring and summer. Then turn your artwork into a homemade card for birthdays or Mother's Day!
Mother's Day cards handmade EYFS Activities | EYR
Celebrate Mother's Day with heartfelt creativity by engaging in easy paper flower crafts. Get a flower template on our website card craft. Handmade Mother's Day cards and ncorporate flower crafts in spring activities. Explore Mother's Day cards, easy paper flowers, making them ideal for Mother's Day cards. This spring, craft with your little ones and let the beauty of these Mother's Day cards bring smiles to all the wonderful mothers in your life.