What is The Venus Project?  EARTH TV FlightDeck Messages 4U From 'Intro' To Fully Interactive 'AsyncLive' to fully Hosted Live TourGuides and HOSTS to help U find .. Anything..

What is The Venus Project? [The Venus Project 28 May

iBrainPortal EARTHOS-HDTV iBrainPortal (playlist) -- The End of Financial Tyranny --- One People's Public Trust ..OPPT Intigration FBI CIA/ DNA BioAlgo / C/W C SS DirectMediaSystems (playlist) Earth-OS forked from Earth-OS/Earth-OS Earthos: Ess:OS/ Earth LifeParadynes. Reaseach And Development Hub Crew /FlightDeck Opperations: NusysTecknologys/EarthFirstConsultingSevices.: The OnePeoplesPubicTrust.:/

iBrainPortal Disney and Venus Canada. (d-playlist) To bring and maintain CLEAN water for the entire planet! Partners With Earthship Solutions . and Utopian Ideals.

EARTH_FIRST @ #CrewCANADA / EssOntario-GardenCity DreamTeam ForestFoods ForestClassRooms  For Rest Learn TheVALUE ofNature Its Easy as BasicInstinct.

This video unearths the underappreciated value of forest foods – wild mushrooms, fiddleheads,…

Step One. Dream it.. Imagine it.. and find artist that Express the "ideals" best u can find.. Law of attraction ignites!.. U R story has begun. From Pavements To Paradise .. I traded the Other way!

From BaseCamp We begin the venture OUT. and into Harmony WITH Nature.


TheVenusProject JacqueFresco TheFoundingFather And Spokesmen For The Global VENUS Projects. This PlayList Is a Collection Of BestOfBest Key Lectures -Explaining The Mission Process and Philosophy WE Share