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Debbie Dolan

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Debbie Dolan
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Has to be almost an obsession or a straight up obsession, ACTION, discipline and realize there will be hoops to jump through but also realize those hoops are plenty big enough for you to fit.You may bend but you will not break!

Just a reminder.... by minerva

In case you forgot to remind yourself this morning. Your butt is perfect. Your smile lights up the room. Your mind is insanely cool. And you are doing an amazing job at life.

35 QOUTES FOR WHEN YOU NEED A CONFIDENCE BOOST | We all have those days when we need support and reminders of our potential for success. We need something or someone to help silence the negative self-talk and stop the loop of negative thoughts we're playing in our head, influencing our actions and undermining our potential. 35 confidence quotes to improve your self-confidence and remind you how much you have to offer the world. Click through to download the FREE Quote…

Confidence comes from trying new things, facing and overcoming your fears, and reaching for your dreams. After completing Yoga Teacher Training 9 months ago I’ve been building a business and thrivin

Have you ever been in a phase where you don't have the motivation for doing anything? Here are my top 10 motivational quotes that keep you going.

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