200 comptines, chansons et poésies illustrées, maternelle

400 comptines, chansons et poésies illustrées, maternelle

Great for teaching weather expressions in French! Have the kids pick out weather terms

Great for teaching weather terms in French. Have students pick out French weather expressions learned in class as they watch "In Summer" from Frozen!

Bonjour Monsieur....chason pour apprendre les parties du corps

"Bonjour, Monsieur" from Matt Maxwell's book "Let's Sing and Learn in French"--a short song introducing body parts via the expression "J'ai mal a." The simple video provides clear illustrations of the key vocabulary with onscreen lyrics.

▶ Chanson : C'est l'hiver - YouTube

Looking for a French winter videos list for your classroom? This list includes winter-themed videos that your kids and students will love!

Colour song

Les Couleurs - great song to teach colours in French, but also to use as a brain break. I play it for grade class and have them jump up everytime they sing a colour that they are wearing. They constantly ask for the colour song!