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Decebal Gheorghe

Decebal Gheorghe
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Must have pictures of the wedding gown! Not crazy about all of them but some are great :)

Pin for Later: 23 Wedding Dress Pictures You'll Regret Not Taking Being Fussed Over by Your Bridesmaids Ask your photographer to capture all the primping action, especially if folds and pleats of your skirt will require some hands-on bridesmaid action.

Photo Idea

Why We Love It: We heart this cute photo idea!Why You Love It: "He made a heart with his hands, cute!" —Romina H. "So sweet" —Rochel L.Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc. Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

I would like a wedding photo like this one!

after wedding shot. really romantic. it's the kind of picture you look at 10 years down the road when you're having a tough day and you immediately remember why you got married and how much you love the other person. I love this picture!