Colorful Deviled Eggs  Click on photo twice for recipe

These are so cool and fun to make! Just peel your hard boiled eggs, set your dye bowls up with water, vinegar and your choice of colors. Slice eggs in half and take yolks out set aside.

Bird Nest Carrot Cake  The directions are too long so for the full recipe and directions please look in the RECIPE section of the website   Please join my weight loss support group on facebook  Weight no more for a healthier life or add me as a friend  Donna S  I post lots of recipes

How cute is this and just in time for Easter ! Definitely not a diet recipe! Carly's Carrot Cake (Photo by Carly G) 2 cups of unbleached flour

Robins Egg Cones (Please click on photo and share to your timeline)  Ingredients: 1 bag of Cadbury mini chocolate eggs ( can use jelly beans also) Ice cream cones Wilton pretzel bags in clear Ribbon  Directions: Place cone in clear bag and fill with Chocolate Eggs or Jelly beans and tie a ribbon around the top and then use clear tape to attach any edges of the bag at the bottom of the cone.  Please add me as a friend  on FaceBook Donna S

Robins Egg Cones Ingredients: 1 bag of Cadbury mini chocolate eggs ( can use jelly beans also) Ice cream cones Wilton pretzel bags in clear Ribbon.

Ducks in a Puddle

Got Peeps for Easter? How about making Ducks in a Mud Puddle. Cute idea for the kids

Chocolate Easter Nests    Click on photo twice for recipe

Click **Share** to *Save* this Awesome Idea to your Timeline! Chocolate Easter Nests Super fun and easy to make! The perfect treat for Easter!

Easter Peeps Centerpiece  Click on photo for recipe

Easter Peeps Centerpiece what you need-- bags of colorful jelly beans 2 boxes of peeps 2 vases, one smaller than the other so it can fit inside,.

Easter Bunny Race Car   Click on photo for recipe

EASTER BUNNY RACE CAR heart emoticon Ingredients Twinkies or cloud cakes mini pretzels large marshmallows bunny peeps vanilla icing sprinkles

Easter Bunny Peeps Cake       Click on picture to get recipe

Easter Bunny Peeps Cake (Photo and recipe by Pam C) This is so easy and cute. Everyone loves it! Ingredients Cake Icing Peeps M&M's Directions.

Lamb Cake

󾁀 Lamb Cake 󾁀 2 boxes of cake mix (any flavor) miniature marshmallows can of white icing can of chocolate icing Candies for face - I used 2 Jr.

Cookie Nests  Use a small ziploc bag and place 1 pk shredded coconut inside adding color... 8 drops of green and 4 drops of yellow with a teaspoon of water and shake bag until all colored..set out to dry out a bit. Slice store bought  sugar cookie dough and half the slices and roll into a ball and place in un greased mini muffin tin and bake for 7-8 minutes. When cooled remove from tin and add a tiny bit of frosting to the top and push colored coconut into it and add chocolate egg.

Cute Easter idea ♥ Mini Cookie Nests Ingredients: 1 packaged roll of refrigerated Sugar Cookie Dough Mini Muffin pan 1 Container of frosting ( I used.