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We're euthanizing the wrong species!

I think that animal rights is a very important subject and that abusers should be arrested and pay a fine. I thi k it depends on how badly they abuse the animals.

Found this picture of a French Shepherd.. Never seen a dog with such coat.: Beautiful Aussie, Pets Animals, Australian Shepherds, Aussie Dogs, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, Beautiful Dogs, Adorable Aussies

for the love of dogs.This is so true.RIP my best friend, sweeter, none better, none kinder, none prettier.

Love it!! "Once you have had a wonderful Dog, a life without one is a life deminished."

"Once you've had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished." Dean Koontz So very true - I've been blessed to have had quite a few wonderful, wonderful dogs!