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What Makes The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie?

A few nights ago, a swanky hotel in Toronto hosted a Chocolate Chip Cookie Battle.My cookie dinner had me craving several glasses of ice cold milk and possibly pickled gin.

Cutting Refined Sugar Out Of Your Life

Sugar isn& just about adding sweetness to your baked goods; it carries a different behaviour depending on what you& baking and what the sugar is being combined with.

69 Clever Uses For Coconuts, Not Just The Oil

Coconuts are an all-purpose, amazing fruit, nut and seed where no part goes to waste.In developed countries we use coconuts for commercial purposes. In tropical countries where coconuts are grown abun.

Kitchen Toys That’ll Make Your Baking Life Easier

Kitchen Toys That’ll Make Your Baking Life Easier

Are Voice Messages Making A Comeback?

What if I told you there's a new player in the online dating game that is set apart from all the current ones that look, feel and act the same, are you intrigued?What if I told you this app views 'loo.

Know Thy Oven, Your Baked Goods Will Thank You

Believe it or not, your oven has a personality. And getting to know it is hella important. It's just as important as reading a recipe properly or using room temperature ingredients.

What Will Coworking Spaces Evolve Into Next?

Coworking spaces are popping up like weed dispensaries in Toronto and worldwide, (globally there are to be exact.) In fact, Berlin, London and Sao Paulo, you’ll find more than 100 coworking…

Are Blenders Better Than Juicers?

Image courtesy of Vladislav NosickIt depends on which smoothie/juice junkie you ask. the marketing for popular blender brands surpasses that of any juicer.

Logging Providers Are The Good Type Of Hackers

OTTAWA - Many of the Justice Department's finest legal minds are falling prey to a garden-variety Internet scam.An internal survey shows almost staff were conned into clicking on a phoney

Turmeric Was India's Cure-All Long Before Hipsters Made It A Latte

Bulk Barn Turmeric (L) and turmeric from the motherland, India (R)Punjabi people call it haldi, everyone else knows it as turmeric.In the last few years, turmeric has made its way onto the shelves of.

If Balls Are A Fad, What's Next?

Balls are still in. I'm talking about the edible kind -- that still sounds wrong.Cake balls, also known as cake pops, is what I'm referring to.

#FoodPorn Is Changing The Way Millennials Eat

Hawaiian Chicken Bacon Pineapple Kebabs - Crispy bacon and chicken smothered in a Hawaiian style pineapple and barbecue sauce, these skewers are so addictive!

The Role Of Vanilla In Baking (And How To Replace It)

Ingredients 1 cup extra virgin olive oil ½ cup white balsamic vinegar 2 T. vanilla extract 2 T. sugar ½ t. salt pepper to taste Directions Mix all ingredients and enjoy!