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clothes hangers and paper bags in a closet
Sewing Studio Pattern Storage
For collections we are currently working on, we keep all of our pattern pieces on a hanging rack like the one photographed here. This is a great option for patterns you want easy or frequent access to. For patterns that need to be stored long-term, you can use an iron on a low setting to help remove paper creases. Just make sure that the steam setting is turned off and the piece is turned over so you aren't ironing directly on the printer ink.
a person holding a pine cone on top of an orange cloth
Sewing Studio - Fall Fabric Planning
Every collection we release involves a carefully curated selection of fabrics, colors, and styling choices. We are less than two weeks away from our next pattern photoshoot, and can't wait to show you what we've been working on! 🖤
a measuring tape on top of a wooden table
Sewing Studio Inspiration
Did you know that all Deer&Doe patterns are drafted and graded in-house? There are so many parts that go into running a pattern business, but the quality of our patterns is always first on our minds. That's why even as we have continued to grow, evolve, and delegate some of our tasks over the years, we continue to personally take care of what ensures the quality of Deer and Doe patterns: the pattern designing, drafting (in our two size ranges), and the grading and writing of our instructions. 🖤
three rolls of toilet paper sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a red sheet
Deer and Doe PDF Patterns
Our favorite kind of mail day. 🥰📦 If you're new to PDF pattern printing, head to our blog for our top recommendations. Photo of the Genet pants and shorts, Hysope blouse, and Fougere PDF sewing patterns prints on large A0 sheets. Sewing patterns from Deer&Doe. Available in sizes 34-60.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a pile of papers
Where to Print A0 PDF Sewing Patterns
Did you know that since the launch of our patterns in PDF format, we have included our files in A0 format? These are essentially large sheets that are intended to be professionally printed at a print shop. ​​​​​​​​ Many of you have asked us, and we have gone around the web to select the best A0 printers for all of your large format pattern printing needs.
Sewing Studio Inspiration - Deer and Doe
We’ve been in a season of deep reflection lately, and the intention we keep coming back to is “openness.” So what better way to shake off some of the dust by rearranging our studio? We are already feeling so inspired by this more spacious and collaborative space. 🖤 What do you think about our new layout?
Fabric Samples at Deer&Doe!
We're currently working hard on our upcoming fall collection, and we've recently started partnering with Stragier for some of our new pattern samples. The samples are here and we are SO excited for the possibilities! 😍
the back side of a warehouse with boxes on it and text saying shipping patterns backstage at deerdoe
Producing and Shipping Sewing Patterns: Backstage at Deer&Doe
We're throwing it back to this old blog post all about how we print and ship our patterns. 📦 It feels like just yesterday we wrote this post and took you on on a tour of our printing and logistics facilities—we can't believe it's been almost six years! A lot has changed since then (including Eléonore's haircut 😅) but this particular facet of our business has remained the same. In case you missed this post the first time around, head to our blog now to learn all about it. 💫
three different types of clothing with the words pattern levels what do they mean? on them
Deer&Doe Sewing Pattern Levels: What Do They Mean?
Did you know that each Deer&Doe pattern is rated for sewing experience on a 5-point scale? We use the following criteria to help us rate each pattern: ✨ meticulousness ✨ techniques ✨ fit ✨ & pattern testers' perceptions This allows you to choose a pattern appropriate for your skill level—either one that's well within your wheelhouse, or one to help you learn and grow. To learn more, visit our blog. 🖤
sewing supplies with the words fall 2021 pattern release updates on top of it and below
Deer and Doe Fall Pattern Release Updates (2021)
Fall is officially here, the weather is starting to change, and we have some important Deer&Doe updates to share with you. Click to read about our upcoming pattern release schedule and how our new size range is coming along.
a rack with clothes hanging from it's hooks
Deer and Doe Sample Rack, 2021 Sewing Studio
Something we've been lucky enough to enjoy at both Deer&Doe sewing studios is a large window with plenty of natural light. It makes sample sewing and photography so much easier, but it's also an invaluable mood booster during the workday. 🌱☀ Head to our blog to check out more photos of our new sewing space!
a bed with the words sewing studio on it and an image of a desk in the background
Check out our new sewing studio for 2021
This year has been a busy one for the Deer&Doe team. In addition to our normal pattern release schedule, preparing for our upcoming size expansion, a summer visit from Camille, we also moved into a new sewing studio! After two and a half great years in our old studio, it was a time for a change ( . . . and a little more room!). We've finally painted, unpacked, and we're sharing all about it on our blog. 🖤
a mannequin is shown with the words behind the scenes designing a pattern on it
Designing an Indie Sewing Pattern
A new studio = an opportunity for a layout refresh, and one of our goals in this new space was to better designate the office area and the production area. People are always surprised to learn that most of our work days are actually spent on the computer! As nice as it would be to sew all day every day, sample sewing only happens in distinct cycles throughout the year. Learn more about the start to finish pattern development process here at Deer&Doe.
three mannequins are standing next to each other
Deer & Doe Expanded Size Range Dress Forms
Look who's just arrived at Deer&Doe headquarters . . . 👀 we are delighted to introduce you to our newest dress forms! 😍 We've spent the last few months preparing and finalizing the measurement chart for our upcoming size expansion, and we're very happy to confirm that our new size range will go up to a 58” / 147 cm bust measurement, and a 60” / 152 cm hip measurement. Head to our blog to read more and take a look at the full measurement charts.
a woman sitting on a couch using a laptop computer
Behind the Scenes: Designing a New Sewing Pattern
On the Deer and Doe blog we are taking a dive deep into the nitty gritty of what it takes to produce a new Deer&Doe collection, including how Eléonore finds design inspiration, how we choose names for our patterns, and all of the test phases a pattern must get through before it’s ready to be released.