Making Cheese

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How to Make Queso Fresco, the World's Easiest Cheese

Let's face it; there are some skills that are just cool to have. Being able to weld things, very cool. Ability to moonwalk? Always cool. And being able to turn everyday milk into wicked good cheese definitely belongs on that list. What if you showed up at your next holiday party with a wedge of queso fresco that—no big deal—you whipped up that morning? Pretty cool.

How To Make Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a favorite for many different foods -- whether it be as a spread on bagels with lox, a foundation of sweet cheesecake or added to dishes such as macaroni 'n' cheese for an extra creamy consistency.

How To Make Brie Cheese At Home

With detailed simple steps you will learn how to make brie cheese at home with confidence. Our deliciously creamy brie cheese recipe will not disappoint.

How to Make Mesophilic Starter Culture for Cheesemaking - Reformation Acres

Learn to make your own Mesophilic Starter Culture that will assist in proper curd formation, taste, texture, and aroma during low-temperature cheese making.

Probiotic Perfect Cottage Cheese | Healthy Home Economist

Instructions for handcrafting cottage cheese the way it was meant to be enjoyed - with all probiotics, enzymes and beneficial fats still intact.

Dead Easy Cream Cheese

Dead Easy Cream Cheese: This is the very first effort in my foray into cheesemaking! Aside from the fact I was attempting to make ricotta, it turned out pretty damn well. It's a perfect spreadable texture. Look how it held the texture from the tea towel it was wrapped in…

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Rennet is an essential ingredient in most cheesemaking. Here are several factors to keep in mind when choosing rennet for your cheesemaking.

Making French-Style Cream Cheese

Directions and pictures for making an incredibly easy, very versatile cream style cheese using whole milk from your own dairy animals or from the store.

Cheesemaking Problems and how to solve them - Fermenting for Foodies

Here are some easy solutions for common cheesemaking problems. Solve issues with curds that don't set properly and problems that arise when aging cheese.

Making Rennet From Fig Sap?!!

I wrote this last month, so you can chalk it up to March Madness! We get kind of crazy around here at the end of a long, hard winter! But, here’s the thing-folks are always asking us how the…

Getting Started Making Hard Cheese - Homestead In The Holler

An abundance of fresh milk means making cheese! Cheesemaking is not difficult and quite fun. Here are some tips to get you on your way.

Rind Development and Aging Hard Cheese - Fermenting for Foodies

A large part of the flavour of cheese depends on how it is aged. Here is a look at the different methods used for aging hard cheese.

How To Make Kefir Cheese (and why you should!)

18 reviews
50 minutes

This coffee cake is awesome and perfect for parties.

Home Cheese Making: Problems and Solutions - Healthy Home Economist

Common problems and solutions to cheese making in the home kitchen that are easily solved for both fresh and aged varieties.