hockey woman - thank you Kyle because of your playing hockey I was a hockey mom and loved to learn the sport!

Replace beer with wine, and yes.

Free and Funny Sports Ecard: Plans for the night? PJ's, beer and screaming at the TV. It's hockey night fools!

Not a Canadiens or Leafs fan, but hilarious!

Deidre Matthews on

I hate the Habs and the Leafs, but I've gotta admit, Johnny knows where it's at!

uhm yes please can have this perfect shirt

Show you favorite movie quote as well as your love for jellyfish with this design. This design features an illustration of a pink jellyfish and the Dori quote "I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine, and she shall be my squishy.

PK Subban and Sidney Crosby, Sochi 2014

Olympic hockey - now the Olympics is getting really exciting! Canada defenseman P. Subban, left, and forward Sidney Crosby skate off the ice after beating Austria

PK Subban, of the Montreal Canadiens. Despite what you might think, as a Bruins fan I don't hate this man because he's black. I dislike him because he's in the other team. If he were a Bruin, I'd have to replace Marchand as my pick for sexiest player on the team

go habs go! montreal canadiens stanley cup 2014 PLEASE et SVP - merci (ici on parle franglaise) All Hail Suban (suck on that Boston) - hey you got your world series fair is fair.