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delish in a dish: Mexican Lentil Soup

Mexican Winter Food

I find that one of the best ways to deal with Christmas being over is to eat spicy food. Bright and spicy Mexican dishes with toppings galore always make me happy on a dreary evening in Janaury. Today's recipe is one from Chatealine, but I've topped their Mexican Lentil Soup with a delicious medley of treats that I think would make even the darkest night fun. Toppings make this soup interactive and can also make eating the soup into a game of who-can-make-the-best-topped-soup? That's not…

Summer Squash Slaw with Feta and Green Onions

Ribbons of Happiness

My mom rarely let's me buy her anything, so when she let me buy her a spiralizer, I knew it must be something she really wanted. To me it just looked like another one use kitchen gadget, the kind that you keep in your cupboard to collect dust until you finally have that urge to pull it out and do that one thing it does. I might sound a wee bit like an infomercial, but it does so much more than one thing. And it's so much fun to use too! I have spiralizer so many fruits and veggies for…

Cucumber and Cantaloupe Salad with Crispy Capers

The Great Salad Caper

This month's Crazy Ingredient Challenge was an easy one for me to come up with something yummy to make. I heard the ingredients were capers and cantaloupe and for some reason I immediately thought of a watermelon and feta cheese salad. I knew I could do something similar with my fresh melon and salty capers and I also knew from eating watermelon and feta salad that my dish would be great. So thanks to Dawn from Spatulas on Parade for helping me come up with a great new dish, my Cucumber and…

Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato and Beluga Lentil Salad

Baby Beluga

I tried caviar once, but it wasn't for me. The texture was too weird and each mouthful was too salty for me to enjoy it. I'm just not that fancy a girl. But when I heard about beluga lentils, I knew I'd love them. I love everything about lentils and a special lentil with a name that attributed to caviar? I am completely on board with that. It took me awhile to find beluga lentils (I found them at Bulk Barn, which really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me), and I discovered I do…

Peanut Butter Thai Noodle Salad

Thai-ed Up

After I get home from work I have had days where I am completely exhausted. It's hot out, I've had a busy day, or I just don't feel like cooking. But I usually want to eat something healthy, so I'm not ordering a pizza. Those are days I hope I remember this Peanut Butter Thai Noodle Salad recipe. This dish is no-cook, quick, healthy, and yummy. Plus it makes enough for leftovers for the next night and that's always a plus - if the dish is good! Peanut Butter Thai Noodle Salad - serves 4…

Thai Coconut Noodle Soup

Soup for a Dark Day

Is it just me or did it just get super dark in the mornings all of a sudden? I wake up, I look outside, it's dark, and it's 7:00am? It feels like a prank, but sadly it's not. These dark days make me yearn for hot, silky, creamy soup. The kind full of goodies and deliciousness. The kind of soup that makes you want a second bowl. Maybe the kind with a little heat in it, so you don't feel cold anymore. Do you know the kind I mean? If you can't put your finger on the kind of soup I'm talking…

Thai Veggie Slaw

Thai One On

I never thought I'd be one of those girls that could order a salad for dinner and be satisfied. And, to be fair, normally I'm not satisfied. Normally I'm still hungry after eating just a salad. But the salad I'm sharing today is different. It's full of Asian flavour, filling because of the peanuts, and incredibly healthy so you don't feel bad going back for seconds or even thirds. Ok, so maybe I ate a lot of the salad and that's why I was full.... But I swear, it's a good one! Thai Veggie…

Cauliflower and Shallot Soup

July's Crazy Ingredient Challenge

July's Crazy Ingredient Challenge is a little less crazy than most months, it's combining cranberries and shallots! But while I think that's the perfect combination for Thanksgiving, but it's a little more challenging for the summer. I came up with a shallot and dried cranberry compote butter that would amazing when tossed with veggies, but I felt like making something a little different for this challenge. So I took a look in my fridge and found a head of cauliflower. Then I looked in my…

Grilled Halloumi and Zucchini Salad with Crispy Chickpeas

Winner Winner, Veggie Dinner

As everyone who knows me knows, I love to win. I don't think of myself as a sore loser, in fact, I have often apologized to others when I win and they lose. But I think we can all agree that winning is an amazing feeling. This month I won Chatelaine's Cooking Club and finding out that I won made me very excited. It's not just the prize, although that is nice, it's more the happiness I felt when I realized that Chatelaine thought that my photo and cooking was the best. For the contest, I made…

delish in a dish: Salmon, Fennel, Avocado, and Grapefruit Salad

Spring Salad

Tomorrow is April 1 and I'm hoping that the nice weather I've been experiencing is no April Fool's Day joke. I've been loving the sunny, flower filled, gorgeous days so much that I've already started having a few summer salad dinners. And, boy, so those dinners make me happy! I know I'm in one of the few cities in Canada that can say spring has arrived, but I think that one bite of this spring salad will begin to convince even those on the frozen east coast that spring is on it's way…

Seared Tuna Salad with Chia Dressing

The New Tuna Salad

To continue my week of celebrating chia seeds, I created a really quick and tasty salad featuring my new Chia Salad Dressing. I never used to get completely full after eating only a salad for dinner, but my previous thinking changed when I dove into this salad with a salad dressing full of chia seeds and a lovely piece of seared tuna. Check out my recipe for Seared Tuna Salad with Chia Dressing below! Seared Tuna Salad with Chia Dressing - serves 2 3 cups of mixed baby field greens 1…

delish in a dish: Leek and Fennel Soup with Haddock

Soup for On-Terrible Weather

I just arrived back home after a visit to see my family in Halifax and Ontario. I had a great time seeing everyone, but I am not sure if I'm built for such a cold climate anymore. I did love seeing my family, skiing, bundling up and walking the dog on the ice, and of course the warm home cooked meals - but I couldn't get over the cold! And since the best part of my visit, seeing my family, is something I could do anytime of the year - I think I might be making future trips home in the…

Winter Citrus and Date Salad

Winter Salad

It's still October, but I can feel winter's cold breath on my cheeks when I bike to work in the morning. And while most people wouldn't be excited about crafting up a salad for dinner this time of year, I think that's pretty much a perfect choice. No, I'm not crazy or having a hot flash. I just mean a different kind of salad than a bright summer salad. I'm not using juicy, grilled peaches or fresh off the vine cherry tomatoes, instead I'm using cooler weather ingredients to make my perfect…

Corn and Tomato Tabbouleh

Summertime Tabbouleh

I feel very comfortable cooking most cuisines but middle eastern food has never been one of my favourite foods to eat or cook. But when I first tasted a new version of tabbouleh, filled with fresh Canadian corn, I knew I would be revisiting middle eastern cuisine all summer long. The tart lemon and sweet corn are a perfect match in this dish. And the roasted baby tomatoes and salty feta cheese don't hurt either. I like to eat a big bowl of this tabbouleh with nothing else, but I know it…

Smoked Tuna Pasta with Preserved Lemon and Mint

Smoking Good

If it wasn't for Luke, I think that I would completely eliminate fish from my diet and become a true vegetarian. But since he loves fish so much, I have merely cut back on how much fish we eat. We try to eat sustainable and local fish and that's easier than you might think, especially because we live on Vancouver Island. Since today is his birthday, I've been making a lot of special fish meals to try and figure out his perfect birthday dinner. Because he has been talking about spending the…

delish in a dish: Fennel Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

Not Just a Soup and a Sandwich

I bet you read the words "soup and sandwich" and wondered if this post would be worth reading. A soup and a sandwich is something you can get at a deli, or even some grocery stores, so why would you want to read a recipe for it? Well, I am so glad you decided to keep reading because this is one of the easiest and tastiest soups I've ever made. And, just to make it a little more special, the sandwich I've paired it with is actually more of a crouton. It's a grilled cheese sandwich cut into…