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chuwenjie: “Rose Quartz stars as herself in: Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems! Another new print I will have for Tekko that is now available in store~ ”

Ice Cream Universe Art Print I need all of these flavors especially the Steven one omg

I love how Steven Universe revolves around all kinds of love, especially that which Steven gives and receives. Such a sweet little show. When I heard th. SU - Love Like You

I love their outfits Steven Universe

We are the Crystal Birds. Steven is so adorable as a bird, Pearl looks perfect, Jasper looks like Drake from the Pebble and the penguin. They all look good as birds.

History never repeats itself, But it always has ways of rhyming… I really loved the parallels shown between Garnet and Stevonnie’s first times as themselves universe art together answer redraw cap redraw draws

Steven Universe meets Magic Girl genre in Anime

Steam punk crystal Gems and Steven

My art Steven earthlings amethyst steven universe smoky quartz .

Oh yeah 😎