Foufounes Electriques :: BONGZILLA

Foufounes Electriques :: BONGZILLA

Ranger: Where Evil Dwells | Album Reviews | Pitchfork

On their full-length debut, the Helsinki speed metal quartet retains much of what made them memorable, capturing the sheer fun of speed metal while tweaking their sound just slightly.

Bong Of Cthulhu cover art

Bong Of Cthulhu by Bong Of Cthulhu, released 01 December 2015 Andromeda Blazar Jam/Reef(er) Covenant Reptile/Sabbathian Mustasche

SONIC DEATH (EP) cover art

SONIC DEATH (EP) cover art

Rhythm & Booze cover art

Rhythm & Booze cover art

Skyship cover art

Skyship by The Strayin' Sparrows, released 21 October 2015 Bangkok Roulette Pull The Trigger Ghost Of My Dreams Seven Years Why Would You Devil Skyship Ghost Town Autumn Leaves Time

Dead Wilderness cover art

The Shooters - Dead Wilderness (Full Album

The Burning Fanatism cover art

Italian black metal band Tundra will release their new album, entitled "The Burning Fanatism" on September The new album is the ban.

187 Steps to cross the Universe cover art

187 Steps to cross the Universe, by Jardín de la Croix

Rite of Ascension cover art

Rite of Ascension, by Mammoth Storm

The Last Adventures Of Captain Dog

Blind Dog, Captain Dog Logs Out. Seven new songs by BLind Dog for free. This is the last album by Blind Dog.

Big Sky, Black Horse cover art

Monobrow - Big Sky, Black Horse (New Album