Nerve EP | KEN mode

Nerve EP by KEN mode, released 10 November 2016 The German Businessman Let's Get Divorced I'm Never Looking For You Absolutely Not Secret Vasectomy (Demo) The Terror Pulse (Demo) Why Don't You Just Quit?

▶︎ Fuzzcrafter | Fuzzcrafter

Fuzzcrafter by Fuzzcrafter, released 27 January 2016

Brave New Kong by Major Kong, released 01 September 2016 Energy Whip Escape from the Holodeck Pollution Halo

Harvest | Death Metal Pope

Harvest | Death Metal Pope

Music | Alcest

Alcest Complete Kodama Box Limited Edition Vinyl + Box Set Complete Box includes Cut to with 2 Vinyl Etchings & Bonus Track; Hardcover Book w/ Bonus Track, Elaborate Liner

Old Blood cover art

Old Blood, by Cold Blue Mountain

Suzerain cover art

Artwork by Michael Salas Merchant - Suzerain Sludge/Doom Metal

RattBlack cover art

RattBlack by RattBlack, released 16 December 2015 Face In Blood Skate Rock Burn Fire The World Is Blind Bang Your Head Kill The Cat Skate And Destroy Wheels On Fire Street Ratts

Audio Noir cover art

Audio Noir by Bossk, released 01 April 2016 The Reverie Heliopause Relancer Kobe Atom Smasher Nadir The Reverie II