LOVE this coin sort for a center activity or assessment! This site has great ideas already made, ready to print out for special education students. A money sorting center would be perfect for any life skills or secondary special education task.

Math with Cupcake Liners: Counting Money Game. Customizable coin counting activity.

Learning with Cupcake Liners!

Cupcake lines aren't just for crafts! Use them to practice counting coins! Math with Cupcake Liners: Counting Money Game

Canadian Coin Unit! Full colour and black and white clipart on almost every page!

This one is for all you Canadian teachers out there. a 164 page unit on teaching Canadian money. For me, money is one of the hardest math.

A song about money - Canadian $! My students loved this last year and even adults were caught humming it!

CC Cycle 1 Week 21 Michael Mitchell "Canada in my Pocket" kids song explaining symbols of canada

money worksheet

Free printable worksheets grade school children to learn about Canadian coins.