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Jacinthe Frenette

Jacinthe Frenette
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This is already going to be my house... I've already decided.

I love things that hide things. I especially want that bathtub and the vent/safe. The TV hiding all the other electronics is a great idea, but I'd imagine there'd have to be some kind of sensor in order to work the other stuff.

Bright countertop

[The wood they've used is really beautiful. I love the color of the countertop. The Campbell's Soup can light fixture is an amusing touch.] Hot Pink countertop and wood contrast.

just cause I love it. natural wood skirts

Love the rustic floor trim. This is done by using the extra wood that comes off of the tree being cut into a square. You can see the bark is still on. Then it is cut into thin pieces for floor trim. Great re-use of the extra lumber from the log being cut.

Cool idea!

DIY "Floating Bookshelf" Add two tiny nails just under the brackets. Open the bottom book, and used the nail to hold the cover closed. This hides the bracket completely, making the bookshelf invisible.

Peppermint oil: homemade insect repellent.  Smells great, it's easy, cheap, green and you can use on pets too.

Peppermint oil for mosquito repellant. Dilute 1 part peppermint oil with 10 parts rubbing alcohol.Mix peppermint oil with other types of natural oils that act as an insect repellent, such as rosemary oil, lemongrass oil and lemon eucalyptus oil.