Butter Tarts and Pecan Tarts: Two classic tart recipes. The tradtional Canadian butter tart (with or without raisins) and pecan tarts.

Butter Tarts and Pecan Tarts (these remind me of the ones we used to get in Canada as a kid)

Apple Maple Tart | Baking Blond

Maple Apple Tart _ Macintosh apples cook down well for a tart like this, plus they have great apple flavor. It is easier than making a pie (no dough to roll) & I just can’t get over the flavor of the maple syrup & cream combination.

another thing you can't live in England without having now and then... scones with jam and clotted cream :)

English Scones

Traditional Canadian Butter Tarts

My grandmother's recipe for Canadian butter tarts made with a flaky pastry crust and a rich, gooey caramel center.

butter tart recipes

Canada's best butter tarts

Not-So-Gooey Butter Tarts - Recipes - Best Recipes Ever - Whether runny or firm, with raisins or nuts, butter tarts are treats that never go out of style.

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