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Successful characteristics

Successful characteristics

You don't need 30 rounds to hunt with. True, but the founding fathers didn't write the second amendment because the deer were coming.

To arms-to arms, the deer are coming! or-was-that-the-(British) regulars (army) are coming. Support the Amendment!

It's time to chose. Damn straight.......

Who doesn't like Gear and Gun Giveaways? Enter our drawing once and you can win for life. Pistols, Rifles, Scopes, Clothing, and Ammo are given away daily.

This is truth... Not a threat but we'll still have some sputtering from clueless but control freak progressives!

WE are NOT the problem, snowflakes! (It annoys me so much when people I know are against legal gun owners,if legal owner were against you ,you would be dead.