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Denroo Be Little

Denroo Be Little
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Teenage Moses gets a summer job.

Teenage Moses gets a summer job ( he FLOODED the golf course with job applications, so they gave him this job to avoid the hassle of continually sending him 'thanks, but no thanks' replies !

Totally disregarding the rest of the scripture. Some people try to make the scripture justify their actions or to justify their logic by taking the scripture out of context.

How NOT to read / study / quote the Bible (or Jesus!) <How people today read the Bible. Cafeteria Christians, choosing a few things but refusing all else. It's all or nothing people. Read the context, weigh God's entire Word together.

@1p57 Remind you of any certain book? ;)

Disney dogs comfort their owners, bring levity to any situation, and even bring some beautiful music to the party. Which Disney dog are you?