Saskatoon Berry Butter Tarts // Butter Tarts with the addition of Saskatoon Berry Pie Filling...SO delicious!

Saskatoon Berry Butter Tarts - Saskatoon berry pie filling recipe (imagine recipe would work with other berries - Butter Tarts recipe sounds unique and delicious)

Hmmm... We don't have Saskatoon's down here in Florida but I'm sure blueberries will work just as easily!

The other day, my mom invited the girls and me over to her house for a visit. She showed me her Saskatoon berry bushes that were just loaded with berries!

Easy Saskatoon Tarts! Just made these, added a bit more berries, it's so delicious!!!

In the middle of winter, it’s nice to have a taste of summer in your freezer. This easy recipe for Saskatoon tarts is best served with vanilla ice cream!

I have a big Saskatoon Berry bush in my backyard...gotta find good recipes for them!!! Gluten Free Saskatoon Berry Cheesecake.. YUM!

Saskatoon Berry Cheesecake From: Wheat Free Mom, please visit (beautiful desserts blueberry cheesecake)

NO BAKE blueberry pie!

No Bake Blueberry Pie

Blueberry BBQ Sauce: I made this yesterday and I added dried ghost pepper flakes for some heat. However, I forgot the garlic (uuuuh!) Tastes pretty good--can't wait to get it on some meat!

Canning Blueberry BBQ Sauce - This One's a Keeper! - SB Canning Blauwe bessen BBQ saus BBQ saus van blauwe bessen

Mennonite Girls Can Cook: Saskatoon Pie / Book Signings today in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mennonite Girls Can Cook (saskatoon pie - wonder if this would work with only blueberries)

Saskatoon Juice - and how to clean saskatoon berries

Saskatoon Juice & How to Clean Saskatoons

It's easy to make up a batch of tasty saskatoon juice from those unique saskatoon berries. Also - a handy dandy way to easily clean saskatoons!

Saskatoon berry butter tarts - also official Saskatoon association website

This summer we went and picked Saskatoon berries from the Saskatoon berry farm. I've been contemplating what to do with all the Saskatoon's that are still in my freezer. At the berry farm they sell.

Saskatoon Jam --no pectin. Made August 2014. Freezer jam worked well, canned version awaiting tasting.

Saskatoon Jam --no pectin. Made August Freezer jam worked well, canned version awaiting tasting.

Hands down my favourite Saskatoon pie recipe! I use this one every time and it never disappoints! -DC

A not-too-sweet and fruity pie. Saskatoon berries are known as serviceberries in the United States. This berry has often been compared with blueberries though it has more of an apple flavor.