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Gurpreet Deol
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Special Education Binder {Editable Forms for Managing Your Caseload}

Do you struggle to organize your special education caseload? Well, that is until I started putting it into a well organized binder. This special education binder is a collection of customizable forms that I have used for caseload management over

How to help kids be cyber safe and prevent cyber bully? These are very helpful tips. #cybersafe

How can parents help kids be cyber smart and cyber safe, prevent cyber bully? This is a wonderful resource for both parents and tween / teen age kids.

Can You Spot the Signs of Cyberbullying

Identifying & Preventing Cyber-Bullying What Is Cyber-Bullying? Pretending to be someone else online with a malicious intent to “prank” someone else.

Help protect your students from cyberbullying with this guide to creating social media guidelines in schools.

The best thing on my board, make sure its nice and kind, be nice to others and make sure your posts are good on any social network! Nervous about using social media in your school? Here's a guide on creating (worry-free) social media guidelines.

These are 4 posters on netiquette that can be hung up in the classroom.