The long gone $1 and $2 bills (pinned by

1970s Canada 1 and 2 Dollar Paper Money

Canada 1 and 2 Dollar Paper Money! I loved saving a few dollar bills from Canada when we went to Montreal.

Dudley Do Right!!

Dudley Do-Right and Snidely Whiplash, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show,

"In 1947 some pennies have a small maple leaf after the date, signifying these coins were actually struck in 1948. This happened when there was a pressing demand in early 1948 for coins of all denominations, yet the mint was still waiting on the revised dies for 1948. Thus, it was decided to modify the 1947 die with the small maple leaf, to allow coins to be produced." THERE WAS A TIME WHEN WE COULDN'T WAIT FOR MORE PENNIES!

"In 1947 some pennies have a small maple leaf after the date, signifying these…

Last printed in 1989 - good bye to paper, hello to coins.

Canadian One dollar bill. Last printed in 1989 - good bye to paper, hello to coins.

Bank of Canada Two Dollar Bill 1964

Old 2 dollar bill. now a coin,called a

Canadian Coin Collection: 1943-1945 - The Victory Coin

The Victory Nickel is a Canadian coin produced between 1943 and The design of the coin was intended to promote the Canadian war effort during World War II. The coin was designed by Thomas Shingles, Master Engraver of the Royal Canadian Mint. The rim

The Canadian Dollar Bill....when it was still paper....I still remember

The Canadian Dollar Bill, now extinct, this paper dollar was replaced with the "Loonie" Canadian one dollar coin

The REALLY old One Dollar note.

The paper dollar was replaced by a coin called the "loonie" and our pink two dollar bill was replaced by a slighty larger coin called the "toonie".

The Canadian 25 cent coin is famous for making history in 2004 when its unique design gave the Canadian quarter the distinction of being the World's...

Minted at the Royal Canadian Mint since 1908 the Canadian 25 cent coin has changed how people view Canadian coins.

1935 Canada banknotes - Canada paper money catalog and Canadian currency history

Old Canadian bank notes

Canada, gold 20 dollars, 1967

Canada's Gold 20 dollar bullion coin of 1967 ~ Beautiful!

A 1936 Canadian Dot Cent, made by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1937, sold at auction for $402,500 US.

Rare Canadian penny fetches $402,500 US

The Canadian 1936 dot cent coin. The penny has a tiny dot on the reverse side, below the date, to distinguish it as a 1936 coin made in Only three are thought to exist in the world

100th anniversary of the War of 1812 (the HMS Shannon)

In recognition of their bravery, the Royal Canadian Mint has created five circulation coins to commemorate these defining moments.

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Our colourful canadian currency

Canadian Coin Collection: 1974 - Winnipeg's Centennial

Commemorative Circulation 1 dollar coins and Loonies - Canada - COIN SERIES

Snowman (2014)

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