Les animaux de la ferme

This short and fun video tells the story of animals on a farm, and the noises they make, but only when the farmer isn't there! The perfect way to learn the noises that French farm animals make!

Karaoké chanson enfant - Alouette (Piwi) -- "Madame, can you play that bird song? Watch what happens to the bird."

Pinned said: Karaoké chanson enfant - Alouette (Piwi) High School students BEG me to play this!

▶ Quand le Père Noël.wmv - YouTube

French song video with lyrics, craft and song booklet for students to finish - (quand le père noël vient me visiter).

ma coccinelle - annie brocoli

Annie Brocoli - ma coccinelle - Annie Grenier (born 1971 Montreal) is an actress/singer whose alter ego Annie Brocoli is a popular children's character in Quebec.