Creatively hands painted #multicolored assorted set of 4 #pots have been uniquely placed on a sheesham #wooden hut shaped frame to add color and life to your #wall.

ExclusiveLane 4 Terracotta Warli Handpainted Pots With Sheesham Wooden Hut Frame Wall Hanging - Decoratives by ExclusiveLane for Beeja

The terracotta hand painted dark #red mushroom is an ideal piece of décor for your #garden, #balcony or living #room.

ExclusiveLane Mushroom Terracotta Handpainted In Red - Outdoor Decor by ExclusiveLane for Beeja

Bring #home good vibe with these beautifully #handcrafted and #terracotta hand painted baby #ganesha idols.

Bring home good vibe with these beautifully handcrafted and terracotta hand painted baby ganesha idols. This is an ideal piece of decorative and will accentuate the beauty wherever it will be put.

Accentuate your #home or #office desk with this pair of #terracotta #brown hand painted baby Ganesha idols.

Accentuate your home or office desk with this pair of terracotta brown hand painted baby Ganesha idols.

Bring this charismatic pair of dancing peacock to your home.

Bring the Sparkling courtship dance of India's National Bird from our "Meenakari Collection". The long, beautiful and colourful tail has been intricately carved with excellent details and is decorated by fusing brilliant and rich colours over it.

The #masterpiece gives an antique touch and elevates the #beauty wherever it is kept

Meenakari Royal Blue Standing Camel In Enamelled Metal Art

Bring this beautifully #handcrafted #Tortoise combo to add an #elegance and ethnicity to your #home at any occasion.

Bring this beautifully handcrafted Tortoise combo to add an elegancy and ethnicity to your home at any occasion. These beautiful pieces have been distinctively handcrafted from Terracotta in the sh.