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two glasses filled with watermelon and strawberries
Nonalcoholic Strawberry Margaritas
a pitcher filled with lemonade and limes on top of a wooden cutting board
Mango Pineapple Punch
This mango pineapple punch is a sunny drink the whole family will love!
a close up of a drink in a glass on a table with a green leafy garnish
Summer Iced Rhubarb Tea Recipe - Food.com
Rhubarb Iced Tea - make with half the water, use as a syrup to add to brewed tea.
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three shot glasses filled with different colored liquid
After Eight Shot | Dishes Delish
This delicious and pretty shot is reminiscent of the famous After Eight Chocolate. It's minty, creamy and chocolatey! #aftereight #layeredshot #holidayshot #dishesdelish via @dishesdelish
a bottle of vodka next to a glass filled with ice cream and an empty bottle
Ribbed Waist Pants
The Screaming Orgasm
orange margaritas are garnished with an orange slice
Orange Margaritas
Orange Margaritas are guaranteed to get the party started! Perfect for your next happy hour, ladies' night, or taco Tuesday, this simple margarita recipe is a delicious twist on a classic. It's easy to make - with just four ingredients - and packed with amazing flavor. Make these Orange Margaritas in just minutes by the glass or pitcherful. If you love classic margaritas, you'll LOVE this sweet orange twist!
there is a glass jar with a label on it that says chai tea mix
jelly donut shots in shot glasses with text overlay
Jelly Donut Shot | Dishes Delish
This jelly donut shot recipe is so fabulous! You layer Chambord and Baileys and when you shoot it, you get a delicious jelly donut taste in your mouth! No chewing needed :) #jellydonutshot #jellydonut #layeredshot #Chambord #BaileysIrishCream #dishesdelishcocktails https://ddel.co/jds
two glasses filled with liquid sitting on top of a table
B52 Shot Recipe | Dishes Delish
Giada's Limoncello recipe is the perfect after-dinner drink for your guests.