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Knights of Columbus, Archbishop of Quebec, Freemasons, freemason, freemasonry, masonic

Primate of Canada The Archbishop of Quebec Marc Cardinal Oullette, Knights of Columubus Supreme Knight Anderson, Freemasons,…

Odin god of the Norse men.

) Odin god of the Norse men. NEVER CONFUSE HIM WITH ZEUS. Odin has a mystical and almost Promethean character that makes Him extremely unusual, if not unique, among high gods.

"No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work.” ~Manly P.

Le cabinet de réflexion ou la caverne alchimique

Black Rooster - VIGILANCE “Mercury appears as the rooster drawn on the wall of the Chamber of Reflection. This animal is connected to the deity Hermes, that is, Mercury. It is a feminine principle,.