Copywriting Tips for Digital Product Creators

Whether you're penning your next product description or crafting an irresistible sales page, your words have power. This board is your go-to resource for honing…
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Audience Research: AHA Moments in Copy Creation with Nadine Nethery
Nadine Nethery, an audience-driven copywriter and brand messaging strategist, shares her expertise on creating effective copy that truly connects with an audience. With the rise of AI tools in copywriting, Nadine emphasizes the importance of human touch and empathy in crafting copy that drives action. Tune in to this podcast to learn how to create copy that hits the mark and resonates with your dream customer.
a woman with her arms crossed and the title how to find, vet, and hire the right sales page copywriter
How to Find, Vet, and Hire the RIGHT Sales Page Copywriter
In this episode, Dani Paige, Launch Copywriter & Strategist, and founder of Sales Page Prep School, shares her insights on the importance of hiring a professional copywriter for a successful sales page in the course creation industry. She advises finding someone who is already vetted and certified and do due diligence on the candidate before hiring them. With her free matchmaking service, Dani helps course creators and membership owners find affordable and trustworthy copywriters.
a pink background with the words how to write sales copy that makes your readers say yes
How to Write Sales Copy That Makes Your Readers Say YES!
Here are 3 KEY questions to ask yourself about your words, next time you're wondering if your messaging is the weak link in your #marketing...If you answer "YES!" to all three of them, you can walk away with more confidence that your messaging is actually doing what it should! // Suzy Carter -- #copywriting
the website copywriter's guide to writing
Website Copy Checklist Freebie
Whether you're looking to rebrand your website or create something new from scratch this book is for you. Learn how to organize your homepage, map out your services page, write a kickass contact page and more! #copywriting #copywritingtips #copywriter #websitedevelopment
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The 5 Website Copywriting Must-Haves For Creative Entrepreneurs
Not sure where to start when it comes to writing copy for your website? Here’s a comprehensive blog post with 5 copywriting tips for your website! It covers the 5 must-haves things your website copy needs! So if you're wondering how to write website copy this is what you need! | Copywriting for Beginners | Copywriting Inspiration
a woman sitting in front of a laptop computer with the words why should you write your sales copy on your own?
Why should you write your own sales copy?
The best sales copy is written by you. If your product needs a push, it's up to you to give it one. Writing your own sales copy will help you create more persuasive ads and social media posts. Learn how here!
a person sitting at a desk with an open laptop and the words how to craft persuasive email subject lines to increase open rate
How to Craft Persuasive Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates
The most successful marketers today are using proven psychological principles to make their messages more captivating. With this in mind, here are seven techniques using the power of psychology to make your subject lines more irresistible to subscribers. #emailopenrates #emailmarketing #emailtips #emailsubjectlines
the words, 10 attention grabbing headliness worksheet written in black and white
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Written Revival presents 10 Attention Grabbing Headlines worksheet to workshop our favorite blog headlines before you commit them to your post. A powerful blog headline will improve your click thru rate.
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Bob Bly's Freelance Writing Profits
15 steps to becoming a prolific, well-published, and successful freelance writer.
a quote that reads, why is writing website copy have to be so hard?
Creating Website Content doesn't have to be a Nightmare
The hardest part of redesigning your website is writing all of the new content. Until now!! Writing new website content doesn't have to be so hard. Using this Fill In The Blanks Website Content Document, written by a designer & photographer with a copywriter, will help you get your website content quickly like a pro!
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3 Steps to Write a Sales Page That Converts Your Next Offer
I’m a big believer that creative storytelling combined with traditional sales techniques is where the magic happens in copy. Writing an effective sales page that will really sell your next offer doesn't have to be complicated! If you need help getting started, my top 3 steps to writing a sales page will guide you through the process
a woman sitting on a couch with a glass of wine in her hand and the words how to increase conversations with your website copy
How Website Copy Will Help You Increase Conversions and Grow Your Business
If you want to increase conversions on your website, messaging lies at the root of it all. You need to know what makes you unique, what you offer, and how it helps ideal clients before writing website copy if you want it to convert. If you want to increase conversions on your website, this post covers the top website copy mistakes I see, how to fix them, and how to get more leads with simple fixes to grow your business
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Easy copywriting tips
Super-simple conversational copy tips | Michaela Bucchianeri | Want to write better copy for your health and wellness business? In this post, you'll learn my best conversational copy tips. In 3 simple steps, you can turn any piece of writing into delightfully conversational copy that actually sounds like you. These copywriting tips can help you get more client referrals, build your practice or other wellness business, and focus on the meaningful and profitable work you love most!
a person typing on a laptop with the words how to write proven copy that sells
How To Wite Proven Copy That Sells
Do you want to learn how to write a proven copy that sells? Copywriting is a bit of an art. The only way to get better at copywriting is to practice. The easiest way to practice is to copy the masters. While many businesses believe a website is just a website, they don’t realize that a website should be your salesperson that sells for you 24/7 effortlessly. That’s why I created this article click now and learn 8 ways to write compelling copy! #copywriting #copywritingtips
a woman writing on a notebook with the words, 2 writing mistakes that can destroy your brand
2 Writing Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Brand |
For years, we’ve been taught to write with personality. “Don’t let your copy read like a instructor’s manual.” And as a group I’d say we’ve gotten that message really well – maybe too well.