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people sitting at a table with the words selling low - cost digital products for high impact
Selling Low-Cost Digital Products for High Impact
In this conversation, we dive deep into simplifying digital product businesses. I discuss how I've structured all three of my brands to create sustainable revenue streams without being chained to my desk or constantly navigating the ever-changing social media algorithms.
the power of evergreen sales funnels and how to use them in your business?
Boost Your Business: The Power of Evergreen Sales Funnels Unleashed
Unlock the power of automated sales funnels for your online business! 💼 Tune in to The Creators MBA Podcast Episode 164 as we delve into the perks, tools, and strategies behind these game-changing systems. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, this episode is a must-listen. Click to listen now!
the words 4 ways to booster your digital product sales via pinterest on top of a desk
4 Ways to Boost Your Digital Product Sales Via Pinterest
For businesses selling digital products, Pinterest offers a great place to grow your visibility and sales. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest is where users actively search for inspiration, solutions, and products. This behavior makes it a goldmine for digital product sellers to tap into a warm audience ready to explore and purchase. In this episode, we talk about four ways to promote your digital products via pinterest.
the text reads 13 best online course platforms in 2021, with an image of a hand pointing
13 Best Online Course Platforms in 2024 (plus user reviews)
he best online course platform for your business can be an intimidating task. There are many different options to choose from and it’s hard to know where you should start. You want to make sure you have a platform that’s not only easy to use for you as a course creator but one that easy to navigate and intuitive for your students.
a woman in overalls pointing to the side with text that reads, the profits potential of digital courses how to generating six - figures in less than
The Profit Potential of Digital Courses: How to Generate Six-Figures in Less Than a Year
In this episode, Amy shares her wisdom and breaks down the course math on how to generate 6-figures with your course in less than a year. She identifies the three types of courses: starter course, spotlight course, and signature course. She reveals the simplicity of creating spotlight or starter courses, utilizing easy-to-use tools and not requiring appearing on video. These courses are perfect for those new to the course creation world. But that's not all Amy shares! Listen in to learn more.
a poster with the words, step by step to your first online course and an image of
How to start creating a digital course from a scratch?
Digital courses is a great way how to monetize your experience and knowledge. But how to create a course? How to find the best course idea? How to create an effective online course curriculum? How to create educational content? Learn it all and more with Kickstart Your Course Creation Challenge! 7 days = 14 prompts with video guides that will help you to create a profitable online course.
a woman typing on her laptop with the words how to find the idea for your course
Blog | Your Course Creation Lab
How to find the best idea for your online course? Here are a few questions to consider before creating your digital product! #digitalproduct #onlincourse #coursecreation #onlinebusiness #passiveincome #businessideas
a woman in a hat is pointing at a sign that says, 1 324 + online course ideas
1,324+ Online Course Ideas
Creating your online course can be easy...once you discover your million dollar idea! Over 1,324+ online course ideas in a variety of niches (including yours) Includes an online course outline template so you can get started right away
the text how to find the sweet spot for pricing your online course, with arrows pointing up
How to Find the Sweet Spot for Pricing Your Online Course
The #1 question I am asked: How should I price my online course. I get it. Pricing is HARD! Even for the Fortune 10 firms. You don’t want to overprice because you believe this would keep potential students from enrolling. On the other hand, you want to be sure to charge what your online course is worth. Read more to learn how to find the sweet spot for pricing your online course or pgoram.
a woman sitting on top of a pile of books with the title what type of course should
What Type of Course Should You Create? (and the best one to start with)
You know that you’re ready to create a course so you can add an additional revenue stream in your business. But you’re not sure what type of course you should create! There are so many options out there from a mini-course to a subject matter course to a full blown signature program. In this post I’ll out the different types of course and why you should start with one versus another.
a green background with the words how to legally protect your online business so you can grow with
How to Legally Protect Your Online Course Business (so you can grow with confidence)
Are you worried about someone stealing your course name? Or plagiarizing your course content? What about protecting your personal assets and business from lawsuits? In this free masterclass, hosted by Amy Nesheim, we will walk you through how to legally protect your online course business so you can grow with confidence.
the 10 key elements of a sales page that converts to an e - book
The 10 Key Elements of a Sales Page That Converts
All offers, even low priced tripwire offers, need a dedicated sales page to help convert your lead to a paying customer. Your sales page has one goal; convert the visitor into a paying customer (if they are the right fit for your course or program). Learn more about the key elements to include on your sales page so you know exactly what is needed to help your ideal customer make an informed decision about purchasing your course or program.
the 6 - step guide to start an affirmate program to sell your online course or member
How to Skyrocket Online Course Sales With No Upfront Investment
The 8-Step Guide to Start an Affiliate Program to Sell Your Online Course or Membership
a microphone with the words 3 tools to help you create an audio course in a weekend
3 Tools to Help You Create an Audio Course (in a weekend)
Thinking of creating a course? Consider creating an audio course. Audio courses can be easy for a novice online course creator, and they have high student engagement due to their accessibility and convenience. #onlinecoursetips #onlinecourses #audiocourse #digitalproducts
a woman standing in an office with the title how to pivot your business model to create
How To Pivot Your Business Model to Create More Passive Income - Rachel Ngom
Here are a few ideas to help you create passive income streams in your business so you can stop trading time for money and start living your dream business.