We Are All Treaty People

Treaties are beneficial to all people in Saskatchewan. They are considered mutually beneficial arrangements that guarantee a co-existence between the treaty parties.

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLSA history of residential schools in Canada CBC News: Stolen Children June 8-21, 2008

A history of residential schools in Canada

Louis Riel, in a minute

The Métis leader recalls his struggle for his people in the moments before .

This is a bundle of units for the full year;s curriculum for Saskatchewan Grade 4 Social Studies. It contains 13 units plus the I Can Statements and teacher's checklist.All units are listed here so that you can purchase individual units if you choose to do so:Saskatchewan Grade 4 Social Studies I

Saskatchewan Grade 4 Social Studies Bundle of all Units

This teaching resource offers an in-depth coverage of all the indicators for the outcome - Determine the influence Saskatchewan programs and people have had on a national scale Although it has been written to meet the outcome and indicators for