Dianne Tremblay

Dianne Tremblay

Dianne Tremblay
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Nanaimo Bars III - Allrecipes.com

Nanaimo Bars III *Use cups of graham crackers for top layer instead of coconut *Use cup butter for middle layer *Add tbsp of heavy cream for top layer

To-Go Baked Oatmeal with Your Favorite Toppings

A standard baked oatmeal recipe is prepared in a muffin tin and topped with your favorite flavors (chocolate, fruit, etc.

Creamy Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding {Dairy Free}

Creamy Vanilla Chia Seed Pudding - learn how to make a basic chia seed pudding using just 5 ingredients. This Chia Seed Pudding is dairy free, refined sugar free, slightly sweet, with a pop of flavor you'll get addicted to! Bring on the dessert!

Best Ever Banana Cake | SweetRevelations

Did you notice anything funny about my picture? How about that I have a slice of cake and I have a whole cake showing? That’s because I baked three of these beauties.