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THE WRITING CHEAT CODE MANUAL - Chapter 30: cheat sheet for writing emotion
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"A Day in the Life" with Mystery Novelist, Diane Bator
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14 Shirley Jackson Quotes for Writers and About Writing
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All That Shines
Sage Miller is knee deep in fashion designers—whether she wants them in her new vintage boutique or not. One winds up dead. Another isn’t what he seems. A third is treasure hunting. Sage is stuck in the middle trying to solve a murder before the grand opening of Vintage Sage, which involves a fashion show she’d rather not be part of.
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Warm Holiday Greetings from Diane Bator 2.mp4 - OneDrive
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Coffee, Conversation & Books
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October 2020 at Orangeville Public Library
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The Painted Lady (Wild Blue Mysteries, Book 4)
Leo Blue can't escape Packham nor the life of a private detective no matter how hard he tries. Six months after the murder of artist DJ Gage, the prices of Gage's paintings soar. When a woman winds up dead and a forgery is discovered in the local art gallery, Leo has to find a murderer and a forger. When people from Christina’s past turn up, her carefully constructed walls begin to crumble and the only one who can help her now is Leo.
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All That Sparkles (Glitter Bay Mysteries, Book 1)
What do a trunk full of vintage clothes, a handsome land developer, and a fifty year old diamond heist have in common? Laken Miller receives a trunk full of expensive vintage clothing and a stack of newspaper clippings about a fifty-year old diamond heist. Now all she has to do is figure out who murdered Tilly San Vicente before the killer silences her as well.
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a quote that reads never stop doing your best just because someone doesn't give you credit
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This is so true. Every one of my stories I've written or are in the process of writing reflect who I am.