FIRST THANKSGIVING Virtual Field Trips for students. This site has a video of the Plimoth Plantation where students meet a Wampanoag Indian and Plimoth settlers.

Tlingit Art Project for Kids

Lapbook for Joy Hakims book series A History of US Book 1 The First Americans Ch. 7 Native American Crafts: Tlingit and Haida Art. Paper Piecing art project for kids

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totem pole printables free online printable coloring pages, sheets for kids. Get the latest free totem pole printables images, favorite coloring pages to print online by ONLY COLORING PAGES.

First Nations in Canada (Government of Canada site)- provides background information for educators spanning from Pre-Contact to present day.

First Nations resources

engage students, teachers and community members in an investigation of the sources, uses and conservation options for our water resources.

Canada's First Peoples site- Contact & Conflict: First Nations, French, & English people in Canada. Use art works and artifacts to spark inquiry or explore perspective.

▶ Inuit story telling with Michael Kusugak - YouTube. The Stories, Histories and Peoples of Alberta.

Inuit story teller and author Michael Kusugak recounts a story from his youth to Canadian youth participants of Inuit arts and culture week hosted at Histori.

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Draw Haida Art

How to Draw Haida Art. Haida Art is one of the greatest art traditions in the world. This article will show you how to draw a salmon, which according to tradition symbolizes determination.