7 Awesome Songs to Help You Learn French Through Music

Have you considered learning French with music? We've got tips and 7 awesome songs for learning French to get you started.


paris graphic this is a stereotype of french man but instead a real human it is saying ' ooh-la la'. which french people say when they see someone good looking.

BAGS - Adjectives that come before the noun in French. I would try to use this particular image in all of my French classes as a reminder of the placement of certain adjectives.

French writing practice: create a passport and fill out all personal information: Le passeport du futur de Violette

Would use it at the beginning of the year as a writing activity for the little ones.

J'ai faim, j'ai soif par Alain Le Lait

© 2016 Music & animation - alain le lait - Prépositions (French prepositions) Where is the cat?

French Gender - Masculine and Feminine Endings of French Nouns

Need to Know the Gender of a French Noun? Its Ending is a Tip-Off

French Gender - Masculine and Feminine Endings of French Nouns, finally some way I can remember this!