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Hacker 3D prints gadget that can crack a combination lock in 30 SECONDS | http://samy.pl/combobreaker/

Los Angeles-based hacker Samy Kamkar found a flaw in the design of Master Lock combination locks that allows you to figure out the code. He printed a gadget that automates the process.

The Regent Bowerbird - Sericulus chrysocephalus . An Australian endemic, this species is distributed to rainforests and margins of eastern Australia .

The regent bowerbird is a medium-sized, up to 25 cm long, sexually dimorphic bowerbird. The male bird is black with a golden orange-yellow crown, mantle and black-tipped wing feathers. It has yellow bill, black feet and yellow iris.


Birds of Paradise The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise, also known as Count Raggi's Bird-of-paradise, is distributed widely in southern and northeastern New Guinea, where its name is Kumul. The Raggiana Bird-of-paradise is the national bird of Papua New Guinea.

The Golden Fruit Dove is a small bird (8 inches in length) found on the Fijian islands. It looks like it's taken a wad of pomade and went to town on those feathers of his to get a nice piecey look! Quite the feathered 'do!

Seems that Fiji has a bit of a rep for luridly coloured doves - lucky Fiji! Golden Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus luteovirens), endemic to the Fiji Islands, has a distinctive green plumage with a teal green face and feet. Photo by Philip Felstead.