Had these at a meeting and they were awesome! Just dip frozen strawberries & peach slices in plain yogurt and place on Silpat and freeze. So healthy and yummy!

Frozen strawberry yogurt snacks - You can make them by dipping strawberries (halved or whole) in vanilla yogurt (Greek might be best, because it's thicker), then putting on a sheet pan lined with parchment or wax paper and freezing.

Recette Rouleau déjeuner au Nutella - Recettes du Québec

Good, but hard to war with the curve of the banana Breakfast Roll-Ups with NUTELLA® Recipe - Key Ingredient

Trempette Squelette et cerveau #recette

Skeleton and Brain Dip — Give everyone's sweet tooth a break with this rather spooky-looking skeleton recipe. The dip is ranch dressing, and those limbs are actually veggies—making it perfect for your Halloween party.