Gâteau aux bleuets | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs

Nova Scotia wild blueberries and a crunchy brown sugar and cinnamon topping flavour this easy cake from Jill and Sharon. Enjoy it plain, or top each serving with lightly sweetened whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

Frittata au saumon fumé | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Frittata

Smoked salmon and fresh dill add a delicious contrast in flavours to this quick and easy frittata. Ready in under 15 minutes, serve this.

Pouding au pain pommes - cannelle | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Poudingaupain

Apple and Spice Bread Pudding Easy to cook and a great make-ahead dish when you’re entertaining. Serve warm from the oven with ice cream for a delicious dessert.

Œufs brouillés au fromage | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Fromage

Nothing goes better with scrambled eggs than cheese. Whisk up some eggs adding shredded cheese and chopped ham to the mixture.

Gâteau au fromage classique | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs

Cheesecake is a popular dessert for its decadence, richness, and myriad varieties. With a hint of vanilla and a graham cracker crust, this classic cheesecake recipe keeps things simple yet elegant.

Gâteau des anges | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs

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Œufs pochés primavera | lesoeufs.ca | #Pâques #Pochés #Primavera

We supply high quality egg breaking and peeling machines and offer perfect solutions of egg processing for customers. All the egg machines are designed for processing eggs with smaller investment and larger profits.

Spaghetti à la carbonara | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Spaghetti

A popular Italian dish, spaghetti carbonara traditionally combines eggs with pasta, cheese and bacon. Our lightened up version substitutes.

Restes de dinde - Soufflé à la dinde en un tournemain | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs

This simple chicken soufflé is an easy dinner recipe that’s ready in just one hour. This fluffy soufflé harbours a hearty core of cream.

Brouillé de pommes et de bacon | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Bacon #Pomme

These versatile scrambled eggs are a quick breakfast or lunch, and also go well in a sandwich. Apple and bacon add sweet and savoury.

Œufs farcis au saumon fumé | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs #Pâques

Deviled eggs are an Easter brunch classic: what's your Smoked salmon devilled eggs are such delightful finger food. Dill and salmon flavours pair exceptionally well with the creamy texture of devilled egg yolks. Make a day ahead for an easy appetizer.

Choux à la crème au citron et aux framboises | lesoeufs.ca | #Oeufs

Browse our collection of egg recipes, everything from quick breakfast ideas to our favourite classic egg recipes.