Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II features a new storyline..get ready to face the challenge once again. Dark Souls II twist on the concept of playing with others
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A Dangerous Fight in #DarkSouls2

Going deeper underground with Dark Souls 2 DLC - If the opening half-hour is any indication, the Lost Crowns DLC takes what you learned in Dark Souls 2 and throws it back at you with a slight curveball spin. I'm loathe to spoil

huge foe in #Darksouls2

Dark Souls II: FromSoftware’s Plan to Make It The Best Game of and 360 Generation

#DarkSoulsII - Cover Picture Risk is here :o

Games Inbox Xbox One colours Dark Souls II wait and HotTopic part 4 - The evening Inbox decides on the best shooter for the busy modern parent, as another reader is terrified by Outlast.

Is it Soul?

Is it Soul?