Colorful canoes on Moraine Lake at Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta, Canada • photo: JD Colourful Lyte on Flickr

Every photo I've seen of Banff is almost unbelievable. What incredible majesty and beauty! --- a~~Moraine Canoes ~ Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada by JD Colourful Lyte~~


Valley of Ten Peaks, Canada. This beautiful creation of nature is located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. As the name suggests, this valley consists of ten peaks and Moraine Lake flowing at their feet.

Gabee Meyer

Art Meets Nature: Painted Leaves by Gabee Meyer - Design Milk Quilted Leaf! How did they do this? Paint (of some sort)?

Gorgeous Canadian maple leaf artwork

On February the red maple leaf flag was inaugurated as the National Flag of Canada. The maple leaf is a national symbol found on our currency, military insignia & sports teams' uniforms.

Living Canadian Flag. Canada Day 2011

Canada Day My province of Manitoba has been the winner the past few years for the largest living flag!

<3 this cute dessert!

Circular peanut butter sandwiches with red maple leaf apple slices plus a bowl of vanilla yogurt with maple sprinkles (and maple leaf Jell-o jigglers for dessert).

Canadian Flag Nails

Canada Day Nails!

Floral Canada Flag

The largest floral Canada Flag in the nation I'm told.

Pittsburgh Skyline Decal - Vinyl Sticker - For Car, Window,  Laptop, Wall. $12.95, via Etsy.

Pittsburgh Skyline Decal - Vinyl Sticker - For Car, Window, Laptop, Wall

Daschund Decal - Wiener Dog Vinyl Sticker - For Car, Window, Laptop, Wall, via Etsy.