Build stone men. It's a fun relaxing activity for you and the kids. It doesn't cost anything and doesn't take much time. These stone men are known as Inuksuk in Canada.

Build Stone Men

Build these stone men as a fun relaxing activity. Also a great activity for the kids. Also known as an Inuksuk. Larger ones are a creative DIY idea for your landscaping.

Sea Glass Inukshuk made from sea glass I found in Mexico

Another Pinner says. Sea Glass Inukshuk made from sea glass I found in Mexico

Inukshuk - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Inukshuk at sunset. An inukshuk is a stone landmark or cairn built by the peoples of the Arctic region of North America to show the way or mark a significant spot.

Glen Scrimshaw "Guiding Lights" Inukshuk

Glen Scrimshaw "Guiding Lights" Inukshuk, incorporate into headboard hanging.

Have a fun party activity by trying to build your own Inukshuk. Will yours stay standing?

Canada Inukshuk centerpiece from river rocks -a perfect Canada Day decoration or gargen decoration via Style at Home

Red Bay Inukshuk Labrador Coastal Drive Southern Labrador

With the proper rocks, an Inukshuk can be made like this one which adorns the shores of Red Bay located along the Labrador Coastal Drive in Southern Labrador, Canada.

Van Dop Gallery | Artists | Jade: "Jade Inukshuk" by Cassiar Mountain

“Jade Inukshuk” all kinds of jewelry and reproductions can be found. It's a great gift idea.