Canadian Avro CF-105 Arrow on the tarmac readying for take-off

National Post September 2012 Avro Arrow redesign pitched as alternative to stealth fighter jets

AVRO ARROW 15 by PlunkettGW

The Avro Arrow was a superb fighter jet built in Canada by Canadians. It is said that it was the most advanced fighter jet of it's time and was one.

Avro Arrow (RL-202) (difficulties on landing)

Canadian Avro Arrow (difficulties on landing)

"BLACK FRIDAY" February 20th, 1959 at 11:00am, via John Diefenbaker's orders, The AVRO ARROW program was cancelled. All planes, plans, records, equipment, etc., were ordered to be destroyed immediately. 14, 525 employees lost their jobs that day and an incredible Canadian achievement was lost.

Avro Canada Arrow image gallery of pictures and photos.

Avro Arrow

The Avro Arrow, the plane considered to be the most advanced technical and aerodynamic achievement in Canadian aviation industry.