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Lots of kids nowadays are playing on their parents iPhones and iPads, hopefully this game would help prevent future bullies!

- An anti-bullying game app for kids

A cyberbullying video scripted, filmed, performed and edited by the young people of Genesis and Bobby Heywoods Centres in Bolton.

Inbox is a youth led project by Genesis and Bobby Heywoods Drop in Centre developing a script and shooting a short film drama about 'Cyberbullying'.

Good poster to hang up in classrooms for kids to read.

Cyber Bullying Poster series stimulate worthwhile discussion on this highly topical problem. The text has been carefully chosen to promote open-ended solutions, encouraging the students to provide meaningful answers.

Are you the victim of online harassment? This video gives several tips on what to do in that situation.  Click on the image to be redirected to the website.

Terrible Text - Some teens say and do terrible things to each other online because they don’t see the direct effects of their actions. So what should you do if you’re cyberbullied?

This video talks about bullying in online games and gets teens to think about their actions and words while playing with others. Click on the image to be redirected to the website.

A video about responsible online gaming. Online gaming is a topic which find to be sorely lacking in school based discussions of digital citizenship.