After the invasion of Hong Kong & attack on Pearl Harbour, Japanese Canadians living in Canada were being detained in Internment Camps because Canadians believed that they were spies from Japan & possible threats to Canada. - During this time, Canadians were being racist to the Japanese people and forcing them in to camps were everyone, including the young, old, sick & disabled were forced to live in poor living conditions especially during the harsh winters.

Internment of Japanese-Americans and Japanese-Canadians

Governmental Notice to Japanese Canadians. What happened to Japanese-Americans in the US also happened in Canada to Japanese-Canadians largely due to public pressure.

Canadian Holocaust -Try Not to Cry- I think this should be mandatory viewing for all Canadians.

'Firetraps,' disease and abusers - At least native children died in Canada's residential schools. Some of the aboriginal children died as runaways and were found frozen to death in snowy fields; others, who tried to escape their abusers, drowned.


10 books about truth and reconciliation to read with your kids

This book is the fictional account of 5 children who are shipped to residential schools, based on real accounts of Tsartlip First Nations people. They experience the sadness and pain of adjusting to residential school, but at the same time find joy in and adventure with their fellow students.

Children's stories of Kuper Island Residential School **Sylvia Olsen with Rita Morris and Ann Sam**

Boys playing baseball in a huddle.

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