Remembrance Day Bulletin Board "In Flander's Fields"

Remembrance Day Bulletin Board "In Flander's Fields"

Suggestions for books appropriate for younger children to explain Remembrance Day --read later

Simple text and illustrations portray what peace looks, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells like to children around the world.

Grade ONEderful: Remembrance Day in Canada

The usual charming illustrations from Karen Katz with a very sweet global message.

Proud to be Primary's Peace And Remembering {Remembrance Day Activities}

Peace Activities for Remembrance Day and Veterans Day

Peace & Remembering - Activities for Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day. Includes a peace poetry writing freebie and poppy field painting.

I've Got Peace in my Fingers We are going to be singing this song with our learning buddies at our Remembrance Day Assembly.

Award Winning Childrens singer Susan Salidor performs her original hit Ive Got Peace in my fingers. Great song for school assemblies, International Peace Day Celebrations, National Days of Peace.

Students create their own Peace Books or could create a class peace book close to Remembrance Day. I love Todd Parr!

Read The Peace Book by Todd Parr to your class and create your own books! This simple book about taking care of the world and accepting all people.