Platinum Newfoundland - wow, gorgeous!

Platinum Newfoundland - Newfies have been my dream dog since I was a kid. So beautiful!

Canadian....Hudsons  Bay Blanket Coat

In a delightful show called "Blanket Statement," sponsored by the Bay, Canadian designers reinterpreted the faithful Hudson's Bay blanket or jacket.

Canadian Lynx

This is the Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis), which is a medium sized cat. The Big 5 or the Big Cat family consists of: Tiger, Lion, Jaguar, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Notice how long its hind legs are and how big its paws. Such a gorgeous animal.

hand printed dove grey Canadian flag cushion cover. $76.00, via Etsy.

hand printed dove grey Canadian flag pillow cover

So I am going about this all backwards, but I've had such fun trawling Etsy that I can't help but share! The short story.

Inspiring picture snow, christmas. Resolution: 500x334 px. Find the picture to your taste!

Little red crochet mittens hanging on a branch with some white maple leaves. Looking ready for christmas/holidays