French Adjective Feelings List for Bulletin Board #learnfrench #frenchlanguage

French Adjective Feelings List for Bulletin Board

A list for more interesting ways to answer 'Comment a va?' than just bien ou mal ou comme ci comme a.


Me Voici: French "About Me" Poster

Me voici. A good introduction activity for the new school year. Quiz the students on each other once everyone has completed their poster.

#vocabulaire : la famille

Good visual to use for listening practice. "X is the father of Y" and students must correctly identify the name of the person. For a formative assessment in class.

French Activities Poster - poster illustrating different activities.

French Activities Poster

Introduce activity words with this colorful 18 x 24 inch poster that includes a free guide with teaching suggestions and practice worksheets.

Beginning of school activity!

All About Me Drawing & Writing - Great Back to School Activity

We could do this with out Frida Kahlo self-portraits--make them "selfies"! Fun, contemporary back-to-school lesson! Have your students draw "selfies" and describe their summer via text message prompts. Makes for a great bulletin board display!