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Chick-fil-A water tower

Chick-fil-A Restaurants have ads like this on an Atlanta, Georgia, water tower throughout the south. The cows have run amok.


You Know You Live In Utah When...

Chic-fil-A— Healthy fast food or science experiment. Chick-Fil-A 100 ingredients in it's chicken sandwich!

I luv tha eat mor chikin cowz

from another pinner (see comment) - "Favorite chick-fil-a billboard ever South in Atlanta)"

Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

March - the cows have some fun on the National Mall

Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

February 2014 Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

Chick-fil-A Cow Calendar

2014 chick-fil-a calendar features crystal river manatees!


Chicj fil A Cow calendar Miss August Fanny Taurina


Fast forward 20 years and today the boisterous bovines of the Eat Mor Chikin cow campaign are still at it finding creative ways to encourage humans to eat chicken not beef.


Chick-fil-A Calendar 2015 Month of September ! Love this Cow photo!