Fraction Balance Kit

The Fraction Balance Kit is a visual hands-on manipulative which illustrates the relationship between basic fractions and decimals. Students observe fraction equivalence when the scale is in balance.

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Wood Geomtric Solids - Advanced Geometric Set

Includes: all elementary set pieces plus octagonal, hexagonal, pentagonal and rectangular pyramids.

Fraction Tower® Cubes

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Differentiated Instruction Cubes

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Smart Splash® Number Fun Ducks

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Math Balance

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Mapping Operations and Graphing - 1 cm Grid Boards

1 cm Grid Plastic Dry-Erase Board, x 1 cm grid on one side and blank on the other.

X-Y Axis Grid Plastic Dry-Erase Board, 9" x 12"

X-Y Axis Grid Plastic Dry-Erase Board, 9" x 12"